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We get it. Sales can be a tough gig.

High-pressure. Deadlines. Quotas. It's enough to leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and burned out at times!

Does this sound like you? 

You’re booking meetings, hitting quota (or getting close to it!), and closing deals. 

But, despite being outwardly successful, you still feel like something is missing. 

Maybe you’re feeling burned out or overwhelmed.

Perhaps you feel like you’re a hamster running on a wheel, unsure how to prioritize doing the things that matter most versus doing ALL OF THE THINGS.

Or maybe you’ve noticed that how you show up -- your way of being or your personality -- has gotten you to where you are, but some aspects of it may be holding you back from achieving the next level in your career.

What got you here won't get you THERE

Elite sellers know how critical their personal development is to their success, wellbeing, and ability to serve their customers. Up-leveling your inner game acts as a force multiplier for your success!

No matter your title of years of experience, Shift is a new kind of sales training focused on the layer that lives underneath all of the skills, methodologies, and frameworks you've already mastered.

Why we created Shift

So you can create & live into your OWN model of excellence

Boost your confidence & close rate without adding more "stuff" to your to-do list

Shift is a community-based live virtual and on-demand sales training membership designed to help you show up authentically and achieve success on your terms.

  • New Course Each Month

    Courses designed to help you sell as yourself, cultivate a present mind, feel grounded in your body, and focus your energy. Shift courses combine on-demand videos with expert-led live virtual Deep Dive sessions to take your learning to the next level.

  • Supportive Community

    Bi-weekly virtual Community Calls, engaging in-course discussions, and community forums gently and consistently support you on your personal journey while providing opportunities to deepen your learning and application.

  • Exclusive Resources Delivered Weekly

    Rooted in neuroscience, positive psychology, behavioral science, business acumen and ancient wisdom, The Nudge newsletter serves up methods and activities to help you "tune in", get grounded, and feel aligned and present -- so you can crush your goals!

2022 Shift course journey

Shift is designed by behavior change & wellbeing experts

  • Integrated Whole-Person Approach

    Shift combines positive psychology, behavior change, neuroscience & physiology for a whole-person approach

  • Designed by People Who Live & Breathe this Stuff

    Shift is powered by Habits at Work, a company that uniquely blends wellbeing, habit change, and sales training.

  • Practice & Apply Directly in Your Life

    Shift leverages deliberate practice to help you achieve mastery & grow your capability (confidence + ability).

Your Shift membership includes

Access a growing library of courses, resources and community support to help you up-level your inner game, sell authentically, and become more present, grounded and focused in 2022!

  • A new "live" course each month designed to help you sell as yourself, cultivate a present mind, get grounded in your physical body, and focus your energy ($2,988 value)

  • Virtual live monthly Deep Dive sessions take you deep into inquiry, self-discovery, application, practice and contemplation, so you can apply what you learn directly in the context of your life and work ($600 value)

  • Expert-led bi-weekly Community Calls to celebrate, share wins, ask questions, receive coaching, practice & apply new concepts ($480 value)

  • Exclusive weekly Nudge newsletter delivering supportive resources & methods straight to your inbox ($99 value)

  • Certificates of completion & credentials you can add to your already-impressive LinkedIn profile

  • Access to a community of sellers learning and growing alongside you, providing support and accountability (priceless!)

What sellers say

Skills that never expire

“We got a chance to step back and think through the art of how we approach customers. These are lifelong skills for people to take throughout their careers.”

Stop running on automatic

“It was great to take time out to rethink how I do things that have become automatic but may not be the best way.”

Show up & stand out

“I created some behaviors and tools that are relationship differentiators, not just gimmicks.”

Meet the Shift team

Our team draws on experience in sales, leadership, entrepreneurship, storytelling, positive psychology, employee wellbeing, training & development, personal development, coaching, deliberate practice, somatic experiencing, and ancient healing modalities.

Chief Experience Officer

Lex Moschakis

I'm building a community of authentic, confident, and empowered sellers. As the Chief Experience Officer at Habits at Work, I don't just partner with leaders of Fortune 500 companies to help their sales teams become more effective sellers. I take it a step further by guiding individuals into new realizations about themselves.

Chief Product Officer

Breean Miller

I'm on a mission to make the magic & mystery of inner work more tangible. I do this by helping sellers transform their limiting patterns into superpowers through perspective shifts & deliberate practice. As the Chief Brand & Product Officer and a Co-Founder of Habits at Work, I'm passionate about building experiential programs for sellers to find resonance between their outer self-expression and inner values.

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Sykes

Andrew is the CEO & Founder of Habits at Work, author of The 11th Habit, and an Adjunct Lecturer of Executive Education at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. Andrew is a globally recognized speaker and facilitator for companies including Google, Pinterest, Scott Brothers Global, YouTube, Toyota, and Subaru. Andrew inspires & guides revenue-responsible teams to foster the habits that create a differentiated customer experience. He is a trained actuary, behavior change researcher & corporate wellbeing expert.

Sell as Yourself: Making Authenticity a Practice

LinkedIn Live Replay

Lex Moschakis and Breean Miller discuss the power of practicing authenticity for sellers.

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